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Advance Best Deepavali Sms Wishes Images Slogans Rangoli Greetings 2016

Advance Best Deepavali Sms Wishes Images Slogans Rangoli Greetings 2016:Every country has atleast one festival which adds charm to the country and for India, Diwali is one of such festivals. Diwali also known as Deepavali, marks its beginning when Lord Rama returned his home back after a long exile of 14 years. People try to celebrate his return by burning crackers, setting up simple rangoli on the floors and distributing sweets. From that day, it is being celebrated every year in the month of October or November in the same fashion.

We Indians celebrate it by decorating our homes, places, buying new things, performing puja, planting trees, burning crackers, distributing sweets, visiting new places etc.

Advance Deepavali Sms Wishes 2016

दीपावली में दीपो का दीदार
खुशियो के साथ मुबारक हज़ार
“शुभ दीपावली ”

लष्मी आएगी इतनी की सब जगह नाम होगा,
दिन रात व्यापर बड़े इतना अधिक काम होगा,
घर परिवार समझ में बनोगे सरताज,
एहि कामना है हमारी आप के लिए
दिवाली की ढेरो शुभकामनाये

आशा, उत्साह और उल्लास की आभा से धमकती
अमावस को पूनम में बदलती,
दीपों की मुस्कराहट और अठखेलियइ का
यह पर्व आपके-आपके अपनों का,
जीवन में हमेशा जगमगाती रहे,
बनकर शुभ दीपावली!

एक दुआ मांगते है हम अपने भगवन से,
चाहते है आपकी ख़ुशी पुरे ईमान से,
सब हसरतें पूरी हो आपकी,
और आप मुस्कुराये दिल-ओ-जान से!!
“शुभ दीपावली ”

Advance Deepavali Greetings Images

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Happy diwali images hd

Happy diwali images hd

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Happy diwali greetings images

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We find a pleasure to celebrate this day. Not only it is limited to one day celebrations, but Diwali indeed is a 5 days long festival. Dhanteras being the first day and Bhai Dooj is considered as the 5th day. These 5 days collaboratively are the best days in every year. Though, the craze for Diwali is reduced a bit but still it counts for the most popular festival in India.

This is all we have from “Advance Best Deepavali Sms Wishes Images Slogans Rangoli Greetings 2016“. Do share it. This year, Dhanteras will be celebrated on October 28.

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