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Anchoring As A Career; Salary Skills Requirements

Anchoring As A Career; Salary Skills Requirements : Changing times have drastically increased the options of careers for people with a creative mind. Gone are the times when no matter what were the things and hobbies that made you happy, you had to forget about them when it came to entering the professional world and choose from a handful of options. In today’s era, if you are passionate about something, chances are that with proper determination and guidance, you’d be able to make a career out of it. And that’s a reason to cheer up!. One such career we’re taking up today is Anchoring! Anchoring in today’s time is one of the exciting career options that is a very big yes. Anchor ing itself has a very large domain. There’s a variety of anchors you see these days- News anchor, entertainment shows, hosting award shows, comedy show, reality shows, talk shows, and the list goes on.


Jobs In Anchoring/Hosting Requirements Salary Advise

The foremost requirement for most anchoring jobs is a bachelor’s degree. Apart from that, there are a few traits that every person aspiring to become an anchor must have. And the most important of them is a personality for the camera. Now, that was n’t any secret. Other things include confidence, charm, and the ability to keep the audience indulged for maximum response. No one can get any farther in this line of job without these coins in his pocket. And the salary is pretty good too. For a news anchor, salary may vary from 2-6 lakhs per annum and it is even greater for entertainment program anchors. But of course, the salary grows with experience and the channel you’re working with.

If you wish to become an anchor, we’d advise you to try hosting as many stage events as you can, starting from an early age. Any sort of experience hosting small event at school, college, or in the local area will only come handy in the future.


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Updated: September 19, 2015 — 1:31 pm

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