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Android 6.0 “M” Has Given The Name 6.0 Marsh-Mallow

Android 6.0 “M” Has Given The Name 6.0 Marsh-Mallow: The latest version of Android i.e Android “M” was the latest most trending news and everyone was eagerly waiting to know the name given by Google to “M”. some of the top companies expected its name to be “Muffin” but their thinking were slightly different from Google, as the Google named it “Marsh-Mallow”. The Google din’t disclose its launch date but most probably it would get launch in the last month of the current year or the first month of 2016. Google has listed some of the features which will be introduced in this newest version, and the features are already listed in our previous article. This Marsh Mallow could prove to be the most popular version as the feature which which will be encountered lately, is completely different and kind of fascinating. Google soon, will be working on its further update which will be called as Android 6.1 Marsh-Mallow.

androudmarshmallowAndroid 6.0 Marsh-Mallow Features Launch Date Specialty

Google has not yet revealed the release date of  Android M but we’re expecting its launch in the last month of this year. Here are some additional features which wasn’t brought in Lollipop. And some of these are given below.

1. Visual Voice-mail : Information gleaned from the Android Developer Preview issue tracker page has indicated that Android M will include Visual Voice-mail service accessible from the dialer. According to a report by Android Police, it appears that T-Mobile and Orange France will be the only two carriers to support the functionality, but more are sure to follow (after all, Android M is still in its early stages).

2. Automatic App Back-Up: Google has included some mind blowing features in this upcoming design, and one of them is Automatic App Back-Up, according to which your entire apps will back even after the deletion of apps. People, now, have to install separate app to manage apps and Google in Android “M” are providing this facility in-built.

3. Redesigned, Searchable App Drawer: Android M brings with it a heavily redesigned app drawer. The new design is likely to be polarising but it offers much greater functionality than before. For starters users can search for apps at the top of the app drawer, handy for those with lots of apps installed.

4. New Notification Bar : Google has provided a brand new notification bar in which you can add or subtract various features like Flight mode, Settings, Clock, Calendar according to your need.

5Rotating home screen : Another special feature will make a debut in the history of mobile arena, home screen will be available soon with a rotating Home Screen Feature, which means that later; Videos, Wallpaper along with Home Screen is going to present rotating function.


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Updated: August 19, 2015 — 7:56 pm

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