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Benefits of Massaging Your Feet Before Going To Sleep… Who Knew?

These days we all can see there are rapid changes in the modern medicine,But there are so many alternate medicines having there own rich history and  comprehensive methodology, keeps on developing popularity over the world. One such specific area is Massage therapy. Not just its very much effective, it also makes you feel amazingly energetic along with ache , pain relief and ease your stress level.


But its important for you to know that how familiar you are with this term reflexology which is also known as acupressure therapy, it basically focuses on applying pressure on some certain points in your hands and feet.By doing so it will increase the blood flow in various parts of your body.Many yoga experts showed and its medically proved that by this therapy we can heal some complex body problems like headaches, back pain ,blockage etc. So instead of spending so much on medicine which only gives you temporary relief and having side effects also why can’t we try these simple method of reflexology it will cure your problems permanently.foot


Today, we’re going to explain you about your feet spots , watch our video and feet reflexology spot chart in this post and give this homeopathic or can say yoga solution a try and do let us know about your experience

Updated: December 16, 2015 — 11:07 pm

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