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Career As A Magician; Basic Salary Pay Skills Requirements

Career As A Magician; Basic Salary Pay Skills Requirements : Abra Kadabra! These magic words are something almost everyone is familiar with. Whether you heard it in a movie, a local gig or a show, your favorite cartoon, or somewhere else, you’ve definitely heard it and there’s no denying that they had you hooked up for a long, long time. Magic is something that everyone, and especially males, has gotten obsessed with at some point in their life. It could have been your first magic box set, or a trick on the roadside, or something else that got you into it, but let’s admit it, everyone has dreamt of getting into Hogwarts and fly the world on their magic broom. But also, just like a dream, many people forget about it because it seems so unreal to them.

Magic is nothing but an illusion, a forgery that tricks your mind into believing something that’s not really there. And it gives the illusion of power and control to many people, and this illusion of power is one of the many things that attract people in the first place. People all over the world love to see magic since times immemorial and that is why it is a great career to choose.


Magic Career Requirements Tips Salary And Where to Start?

Most people, who loved magic as a hobby, left it as a hobby and did not think of turning it into a career because they did not know where to get started. Is there some school for it? (Because let’s get real, you are not getting your letter to Hogwarts.) But sadly, there isn’t any. You have to be your own teacher to get started. Buy some books; they are the best place to start when you are a beginner. In addition to that, watch tutorials, or other places where you can get your hands on some tricks to learn them. And practice these tricks. That’s the key to become a successful magician. Practice, and lots of practice. After you’ve got some tricks up your sleeves, try socializing with other magicians. Many experienced magicians will actually provide apprenticeship if you possess any talent, and that’s the best way to learn.


Pursuing a career as a magician is not very easy. You have to start by performing at local gigs, small parties, street shows and what not. But determination can take you to places you can never imagine and after just a few years of experience, you can actually earn 50,000$ a year and the amount just goes on increasing with experience. And there are also people, who sell their magic tricks to TV sellers who show those tricks on DVDs and the secrets behind them, and get a real deal of money, because as they say, the need to know always suppresses the need to get fooled. So, if you are into magic, we’d definitely suggest you to go for it, because what is more magical than getting paid for what makes you happy!


Updated: September 22, 2015 — 12:24 am

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