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Career In Dance:Professional Dancers Choreographers

Career In Dance:Professional Dancers Choreographers : Dance is form of entertainment and art, in which the youth are rushing now-a-days. 7 out of 10 have the hobby of dancing, its not only helps for entertaining, actually helps for fitness and sometimes for fame. By now, more than millions of rush are forcing them in it, thereby increasing the competition. Many reality shows has evolved to take the passion out from the youth. By participating in such competitions, not only helps them to get popular but also improves their self confidence which later helps them getting success. Dance is done with discipline and if you follow rules, then only you can succeed. We Indians have two kinds of dancers, the one who are talented and can participate in any dance competition with full support and the other are the one, which too are talented but can’t allow to participate in these competition. Their parents don’t support them, and they sometimes go in depression. The main reason behind not supporting is, some parents think its a waste of time and money and no-one can make career in it. Acc to them the only way to get success is by doing engineering, doctoring etc. But how can they forget the legends, who sacrifice their life in dancing and got succeed too. Every year our country generates lakhs of dancers which later become professional Choreographers and why don’t they consider their statistics?



Dance Forms Career Description Profession Dancers

The basic step to become professional dancer is to sacrifice yourself for dance. Do dance by your heart and soul, never think about the world, what they gonna think, how gonna react  if you dance with this or with that. Our country has provided various dancers choreographers who started their beginning by participating in School and college festivals. We have Remo d’souza, Ganesh Hegde, Lorence etc which have provided us a lot. Various dance forms which are popular are contemporary, ballet, Hip-hop, Tango, Free style, Kathak and many more. Every dance form has its joy, and do obtain success in dance, you have to know about each dance form. You shouldn’t be uncomfortable with any of them, if so then better rehearse it else you should be completely perfect in any of them else you might not have any career. The things which counts the most for a dancer is their confidence, moves with their face expressions and gestures.


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