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Career Opportunities Planning Path For Unemployed In Blogging

Career Opportunities Planning Path For Unemployed In Blogging:

As the name suggests, blogging is related to web and websites. Thus if we talk about its definition then it may be called as an art to attract more and more users to their website. A career of a blogger depends on his writing ability and the tricks which help them to grab more visitors  and improve their page ranking. Moreover blogging doesn’t require any particular stream rather can be learned by any individual. It just require writing ability and the mind tricks. And do not ever underestimate the career in blogging as an excellent blogger can earn lakhs of rupees per day and it even don’t take much time. Only 10 articles a day can make your site visible on the front page of Google. An excellent blogger can have their monthly salary more than doctors, engineers etc. The whole course of blogging can be learned in a 30 days, so why choose another one?? If you’re a blogger and not yet able to rank your website, then I’ll provide you some tricks that help you to do so.


How To Make A Career In Blogging:

  1. If you are new at blogging, then you have to understand basics, Off-page seo, On-page Seo, Ad words, Ad sense, Back linking and Affiliation Marketing.
  2. To understand all these, join a course or browse it over You-tube, remember if learning path is followed by You-Tube then it might take some additional time and you even can’t understand well. Therefore, I prefer you to join the course.
  3. Basics include the basic knowledge of Word-press/Blog-spot over which you make a site.
  4. Seo stands for search engine optimization, it helps you to rank well. People having good understanding of Seo can easily rank their website.
  5. Ad words helps you to select keywords which are more likely searched by the users. If you are fresher, then prefer to use low competition keywords.
  6. Ad sense is provided by Google to display ads on your website.


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Updated: July 23, 2015 — 12:52 pm

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