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First Two Weeks Reviews About OnePlus Two

First Two Weeks Reviews About OnePlus Two : One-Plus Two has become the most popular start-ups in the history of this mobile world and almost every possible individual is impressed by its features and its so called specifications. Within the first day of its sale, almost 10 lakhs units were displaced  over different countries which defines its standard. The company One-Plus made its inauguration in this field a year ago and thereafter, they have continuously dominated another start-ups. They celebrated the success of their first model named One-Plus One, by selling 22 Lakhs of total units. some people reviewed it the best handset in the last one decade. Everyone is impressed by its specifications and this OnePlus Two is built with even better specifications.

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One Plus Two Reviews Ratings Drawbacks

I know, you eagerly want to know its reviews up to now, then here we are. People have reviewed it something like this.

 Oxygen OS is much better than Hydrogen OS but still not perfect

The company One Plus has completely modified Android for the local Chinese market. hydrogen OS is good too but dint have any access to Google apps on the phone, and Chinese apps built-in to the system it isn’t really that useful for non-Chinese users. Now, you must be thinking why Oxygen OS is even not perfect. Oxygen OS is a very lightweight ROM with only a few changes here and there from a stock Android installation. Being so close to stock you would hope that everything works as Google intended and it does.


Perfect Camera Lens

One-Plus two is designed with a stunning camera of 13 MP and an HD lens which can click an image better than I-Phone.


Fingerprint Sensor

This handset is designed with a fingerprint sensor that take a few seconds to analyse. But there are times when the scanner just refuses to do anything. Now and then the sensor won’t even recognise you have placed a finger on the lens let alone unlock. Double tapping the screen to wake the device up (if you have it set up, press the power button if not) fixes the issue, but hopefully ROM updates will make the scanner more stable.


Battery isn’t Good

Battery is not that good. I guess it has a battery of 4000 mah which is believed to discharge only after one day but there’s problem in the battery back up of this smartphone, as its battery gets dead after 5-6 hours. This should be replaced by the company.


Quick Charging

It is designed by some splendid features. This smart-phone gets charged quickly. It hardly takes one hour to completely charged which is hard to believe.


Low Volume

Its volume is slightly low, means it doesn’t have the volume like the other handsets of China.


One Plus 2 WI-FI signal strength is amazing

WIFI signal strength on the OnePlus 2 is very good. We can use the WIFI from the local cafe while in the garden, which is perfect and something that we are not able to do with other phones or even my Macbook. LTE, Bluetooth etc are all also amazing good too.



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Updated: August 27, 2015 — 10:32 pm

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