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Flipkart & Ebay Freedom Day Bumper Sale On Apple, Nexus, Oneplus 1, Htc Mobiles

Flipkart & Ebay Freedom Day Bumper Sale On Apple, Nexus, OnePlus 1, Htc Mobiles: Flikart and Ebay, the two best eCommerce Websites, does business over the globe is celebrating Freedom Day and Aazadi day respectively, on which they have decided to offer the biggest sale of the year on all the products related to gadgets. They call it the bumper sale and prices slashed up to 30 % of its original value. They are providing this deal on the products like Apple I-Phone 6, Nexus 6, Htc One, One Plus One etc. This deal is valid up to 8th of august, and after that the prices would turn back to its original value.



Ebay Aazadi & Flipkart Freedom Day Offers Deals Products Last Date 

Ebay and Flipkart, on a particular event always do something in favor of the audience, and that’s the only reason why people love them. What other retailer do, is to offer deals only on the products which are not providing them any profit, but this companies don’t think the same the same, they always provide deals on the products which are in trends at that particular moment. Okay Let’s talk about some popular deals.

1. Grey Apple I-Phone 6(16 GB)

Ebay is offering this I-Phone 6 only at Rs.42,000 and the market price for the same handset is Rs.56,000, the offer is valid only up to 8th and also there are limited products to sale. Ebay would only sale about 15,000 products at that price. And if we talk about Flipkart, then they are offering it at, that is Rs.43,950. Also, they have a special offer which states that you could sale their old I-Phone to them, and they would provide you another 16,000 discount depending upon the conditions of the handset.



Market Price: Rs.56,000

Flipkart: Rs.43,950

Ebay: Rs.42,000

2. One-Plus One(16 GB & 64 GB)

One-plus is considered as a fresher, but has impressed the youth of the country. They in a quick time dominated various companies like Micromax, Lemon, Lava, Intex etc. Their awesome specifications along with their low price is the main reason of their success.


Price: 64GB – Rs. 20,998 (MRP Rs. 21,998)

16GB – Rs. 16,998 (MRP Rs. 18,998)


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Updated: August 7, 2015 — 2:26 pm

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