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Latest Car Maruti Suzuki iK2 India With Images

Latest Car Maruti Suzuki iK2 India With Images: Maruti Suzuki, India’s favorite has made effort to launch their another cool design which is about to launch in Oct 2015. They gave it the name Maruti Suzuki iK2 which is also known by YRA Premium Hatchback. It is designed to compete with i20 and new Honda Jazz. I20 has the look of Audi from the back, thus is highly popular. Keeping this thing in mind Maruti’s made an effort to launch a model which resembles Audi so as to compete them. Since its a global product and will launch in  several countries too, but Maruti get their best selling always from India. Its an Indian obsessed vehicle, therefore they are first launching their design in India.




Maruti Suzuki iK.2 India Specifications,Preview & Prices:

Maruti’s automobiles has popularity in India due to its price range design. They launch their design in the value which can be afford by Indian middle class too. Their prices mostly include less than 8 Lakhs, so as this, it can come to your family by paying only 7-9 lakhs, their actual price is still to reveal. Lets talk about its specifications now.The length, height and width of the car involves 4,023 mm, 1,450 mm and 1,920 mm respectively which is considered to be actual best size for any vehicle i.e neither big nor small. It covers the wheelbase of 2,520 mm and the Tyre size is made 225/45R18. It consists an engine of Booster Jet which helps to gain additional speed. Its engine is capable to hold joules of heat as stated by their experts and is made on a new-generation platform with 4 air bags helps to resist injury during any cause, contains silver alloys which improves its charm. The top speed is expected to be 220 km/hr which is accommodated by its six gears. Suzuki appears to have given the YRA a relatively small looking rear-end. The hatch lid sits on top of a rather fat bumper which seems to be out of proportion when compared to the rest of design. Suzuki appears to have hinged the glass forward while also fitting a roof- mounted spoiler and LED tail lamps.Within 10 lakhs amount, it is far more worth its money, perhaps their designing could involve more than this amount and they could be in loss, but for our convinience of the Indian families, they have made it and we should respect it. Go get a new one. People are eagerly waiting for this one to launch and buy and they are giving the regular response as we checked earlier.

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Updated: July 17, 2015 — 2:41 pm

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