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Latest Mahindra Mojo 300 Specifications, Features, Prices & Launching Date

Latest Mahindra Mojo 300 Specifications, Features, Prices & Launching Date:Mahindra India’s foremost trusted company of trucks, cars, bikes etc is launching a new bike this upcoming October. Mahindra is popular for its high strength engine and thus it is believed that the new invention of theirs will carry the same reputation as its other vehicle believe to have. They revealed its first look in 2010 and they are working till then so as to make it stand-out. Few bikes lover were happy and some felt disappointed because they decided to launch it some years after. It was happened to be first premium sports bike which be soon be available for roads. Mahindra has its own reputation in tools and no-one can think to compete with Mahindra when talk about its tools and engine.






Mahindra Mojo Specifications Prices Features Reviews:

Mahindra automobiles tries to make make fascinating vehicle which add spark to the roads but keeping in mind the prices. They never launch the vehicle which is out of the reach of a common individual  and the price which they set for this charming bike is 1.5 lakhs in India. Prices may vary depending upon locations. 1.5 lakhs seems below budget when we take a look at its specifications. The expected date of its launch is October 2015, and the whole country aims to purchase it as stated by Mahindra.


  • Displacement :                295 cc
  • Power Capacity :             32 BHP
  • Torque Capacity :           28 NM
  • Total Gears:                     0 6
  • Ground Clearance  :       160 mm
  • Total Weight :                 165 Kg
  • Fuel Tank :                       22 litres
  • Engine :                             DOHC, 4 stroke, SI Engine
  • Battery :                             12V, 9 AH
  • Top Speed:                        200 km/hr
  • Warranty :                         1 Year
  • Service:                               3 times free of cost
  • Tyre:                                    Dual disc
  • Popularity:                         High
  • Wheel:                                 Alloy


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Updated: July 21, 2015 — 4:37 pm

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