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Painting As A Career; Basic Salary Tips Requirements Scope Jobs

Painting As A Career; Basic Salary Tips Requirements Scope Jobs : Art is one of the oldest forms of expressing one’s emotions. It is a hobby to many people who find solace in the canvas and the colors and their beautiful combinations from their everyday lives. But it is not merely a hobby. More and more people today, who have the talent and understanding with the colors are trying to make it their full time living, because as they say- nothing’s better than making a living from something that you’ll do even for free. An artist could be a painter, a portrait artist, a graffiti artist, an airbrush painter, a tattoo artist etc. That is basically any form of creating art. Painting is the traditional and most popular form of painting with brush on the canvas. Portraits are specifically pictures of faces, and not just whatever patterns one feels like drawing. Graffiti is the form of expressing oneself on walls, floors or any other public areas. So, we see that there are a vast number of options in painting and the list goes on forever.






Career In Painting Requirements Skills Jobs Scope and Salary

The main question here is that, is there any career in painting? And the answer is- absolutely yes! Although, to be really honest, everyone knows that not each and every person can become a successful painter and many people do have to opt for some additional jobs to support themselves. But, everybody also knows that there are risks in every sort of job and life can be so boring without a little factor of risk. So if we keep aside this fear of failing, and talk about a career in painting, the only word that comes to mind is marvelous! A recent survey told that an average artist can earn up to $42000 annually, and that friends is an amount that should definitely cheer you up.

And now talking about the qualifications required, there are practically none unless you want to restore historical paintings. Although some people do join art schools to improve and learn new skills, but it is completely an option, as long as you don’t interfere with the historical paintings. But if you want to work as a restorer of the historical paintings, you will have to undertake an art program in any university or an art school, where they teach different methods used by the painters throughout the history. Now mates, you know everything that there is to know about painting as a career, and we suggest you to start working towards your passion. So, what are you waiting for, get, set and draw!


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Updated: September 20, 2015 — 10:14 pm

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  1. I am interested in Arts, and I want to learn it.

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