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Profession As A Hairstylist; Salary Requirements Tips & Scope

Profession As A Hairstylist; Salary Requirements Tips & Scope : Hairstyle is very important to people these days. And why should it not be? A good hairstyle adds charms to your personality, and if it happens to be a bad one, there’s nothing you can do about your looks until you get it fixed. And the career we’re talking about today is the very person who blesses you with all the good hairstyles with his talents. Without a hairstylist, we would all be having dull and boring hair. Most people confuse a hairstylist with a cosmetologist. But a hairstylist only specializes in hair, whereas a cosmetologist also takes care of your skin and gives beautifying treatments for the same. A hairstylist can work for a reputed salon, as an independent stylist, as a celebrity stylist, or as a stylist in a resort/hotel.



Hairdresser cutting client's hair in beauty salon.

Hair Stylist Career Requirements Salary Scope & Skills

You don’t need any degrees for this profession, but major salons do prefer that you have some degree of education, at least 10th/10+2 because a major part of this job requires communication skills with the customers. And it’s also one of the skills required. You should be able to communicate with the customers in order to properly understand that what do they want. Although, you are required to undertake the training required for the job. You can get that at the few schools set up for the very purpose. The training grooms you for the job and it includes working on mannequins and wigs. After you’ve attained a degree of training, they let you assist on real people. Apart from all this, you should have what it takes to be a hairstylist, i.e. the talent, the creativity and the skills to use your hands. Some countries like United States also require that you should have a license, only then you can enter the job. And for the license, you should have a proper training.

The salary at the starting is average Rs.9,000-15,000 and even Rs.25,000-Rs.40,000 per month. It depends more on the place where you’re working. If you’re working at reputed salon say as Lakme, you would be offered even more. But the promotion, place and salary increases with increase in experience. And after only a few years, you can even hope to earn 20-25 lakhs annually.


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Updated: October 30, 2015 — 7:35 pm

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