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Stunning Design Fiat Punto Abarth Will Arrive Soon In Rs.9 Lakhs

Stunning Design Fiat Punto Abarth Will Arrive Soon In Rs.9 Lakhs: Fiat group of automobiles, has decided to launch the new design of their one of the most popular model, named Punto which came on the roads, 3 years ago and the whole road could be seen covered with this Punto in some cities which means that there are some people who only want to invest on their’s automobiles. Fiat Group Automobiles India Ltd (FGAIL), a subsidiary of Italian-American Fiat-Chrysler group, will introduce two new badges in India within the next 12 months. All the companies design the sequel of only those automobiles, which  has provided them loads of money. Similarly this Punto, has contributed some billions to them, and somehow improved thier reputation in the market. The rate of success of the automobiles is directly proportional to specification and inversely proportion to the retail price. And this company along with Honda & Suzuki launch their vehicles at affordable price that is below 10 Lakhs.


Fiat Punto Abarth Specifications Features Color & Price

This Abarth Punto is designed with some stylish alloy wheels, also this car is supposed to have Abarth’s logo in place of Fiat, this Abarth may also consider shedding some weight for better performance, while the efficiency is not expected to be hampered much with turbocharging. Abarth Punto is going to be the first car, where instead of establishing logo of their host company, they refer to set logo of Abarth. This new design will differ completely with its former version of Punto. Moreover, it has been designed using some special tools which is indulged only in high standard sports car.

Specs & Features:

  • Mileage 18 Km/hr
  • Length 3865 mm
  • Top Speed 180 km/hr
  • 6 airbags
  • EMI available
  • Engine 1680 cc
  • Colors Grey, Black, White, Red
  • Cylinders 4
  • Max. Torque 207 NM
  • Max. Power 135 bph
  • 5  Sitter
  • Fuel tank 48  litres
  • Expected Price Rs. 9 Lakhs
  • Launching Date August,2015
  • Central Locking Facility

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Updated: August 11, 2015 — 2:46 pm

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