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Terrorist Attack At Pathankot Punjab 4 am; 4 Terrorists and 2 Soldiers Killed

Terrorist Attack At Pathankot Punjab 4 am; 2 Terrorists and 2 Soldiers Killed:  Today, another terrorist attack has caught India, it is believed they were Lashkar boys. This incident took place at Pathankot, a small town in Punjab, situated 30 km away from the India-Pakistan Border. The attack was encountered at 4 in the morning, where 2 Indian soldiers were forced death. Even,also 4 out of a 6 terrorists were shot dead by the Indian army and the remaining would be caught soon, as stated by the media. Police has sealed the roads and no cars would leave the city/town without check post. The police also claimed that since, Pathankot is situated close to the border, therefore terrorists from Pakistan had arrived only before a two or three days.  For detailed description, go to our below article.



Complete Description About The Terrorist Attack At Pathankot, Punjab Saturday Morning

It is assumed that the terrorists entered the air base from the border situated some kilometres away from the suffering town. They were wearing a military uniform and arrived in the town on official vehicle. Firing began approximately around 4 am when they shot an army man. Sources say the terrorists have been contained in a “non-operational” area of the facility. The area where fighter aircraft and helicopters are kept is safe, officials have said. Even the news came that they arrived in the car of Superintendent of Police of Gurdaspur that was hijacked by the terrorists.

They assualted the SP, and took away his phone and contact their handlers in Pakistan. The call was intercepted by intelligence agencies, sources say, following which an alert was issued warning of a possible terror attack at the base. The National Security Guard or the NSG has been called in for help. Helicopters have also been dispatched to the area for assistance, senior police officials have said. Following the warning, the National Security Advisor held an urgent meeting with senior officials late last night. The air chief and all concerned officers were also informed.

Updated: January 2, 2016 — 9:58 am


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