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Tips To Crack NMAT Exam 2016 In First Attempt

Tips To Crack NMAT Exam 2016 In First Attempt : NMAT is the entrance test considered by Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) for admission into various courses of Business Management Studies in NMIMS. Aspirants who are preparing for this exam and want to crack NMAT Exam in first Attempt they need to know about How To Prepare For NMAT 2016. Start your NMAT 2016 preparation make a good study plan about how to start the NMAT Preparation. Below are the some tips given by us, which would help you to clear the exam in the very first attempt.

Strategies Tricks Tips Requirements

When you are perspiring for NMAT 2016, Firstly you have to find out that how much time and effort you have to give to studying for the exam by asking the following questions:

  • How much material do you need to cover?
  • How difficult is the material?
  • How much time is available?
  • Do you have any other priorities during the study period?
  • What is the format of the exam?
  • How important is the exam?
  • What is your performance target for the exam?
  • You should know the syllabus, important chapters, previous year question papers.

Aspirants must have to choose better study resource when preparing for NMAT 2016 entrance exam. There are different type books in the market for aspirants; you can take help from these materials. Do not refer to many books just use one book for theory and one for problem solving of each subject. You may also take help from question bank, solved previous year NMAT exam papers sample papers, mock tests while preparing, that will helpful to you to crack NMAT exam.

Preparation Strategy & Time Table Required To Clear NMAT Exam

  • Start preparing early, or start now.
  • Must know about the exam topics to cover, percentage or value of test or exam, format, length, location, aids permitted.
  • Identify key topics.
  • Set time table, targets and dates for completion.
  • Arrange material to differentiate between main topics, sub-topics, and details.
  • Summarize it using charts, tables, mind maps or webs, quantitative concept summaries, or annotated notes depending on the type of material.
  • Just takes Review.
  • Make a study plan, based on number of hours you think you’ll need.
  • Multiple choice tests, essay exams can analyze themes, patterns, your interpretations, Quantitative problem.
  • Make up your own Notes.
  • Use old exams and assignments, previous year papers, sample papers, mock tests.
  • Take home exams require evidence and evaluation, not just description of facts.
  • Answer questions you know first, to maximize grades.

Tricks Required to Clear NMAT Exam In First Attempt

  • If you have enough time for the exam then select a chapter you are weak in which is most important from the exam point of view.
  • if you do not have sufficient time then select a section that you are comfortable, have not practiced enough and that is an important chapter
  • Give priority to the most important chapters and revise them properly before examination
  • Before exam date, leave to learn out of any new chapter because it will make a lot of stress and confusion just revise those chapters which you have prepared well.
  • Remember the important milestones coming up, like: mock tests or school exams, festivals or family functions.


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