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Upcoming Royal Enfield Himalayan Will Serve A Purpose For Sports Bike

Upcoming Royal Enfield Himalayan Will Serve A Purpose For Sports Bike: Royal Enfield, is considered as the most popular bike in India especially in Punjab or Chandigarh region. Particularly, in these cities, this bike would be seen to 8 people out of every 10. Royal Enfield is also known by the name “Bullet”. The sound produced by its silencer is the most fascinating thing about it. It produces a “dug-dug” sound. All the models of this stunning bike till now, is not made for sports purpose so finally they have decided to launch a model which can serve the purpose of sports bike, and they named it as Royal Enfield Himalayan which is expected to launch, later next year and this design could be considered as the most awaited auto bike.The new Royal Enfield motorcycle will be the first bike to be developed by renowned designer Pierre Terblanche who joined Royal Enfield last year.



Royal Enfield Prototype Features Price Launch Date

Complete details about this vehicle is yet to be disclosed but we somehow manage to collect some info about it. This stunning design would make its arrival in the next year and the first look of this bike could be seen in Auto Expo 2016 . This design is powered by its hardcore engine of 400 cc which can account a top speed of 140 Km/hr. Its 400 cc engine can produce a maximum power of 19 bph and a torque of 40 Nm which is 30% more of its former design, and the expected price to buy one could be 2.5 Lakhs. Royal Enfield has also trademarked the Himalayan name for vehicle components, riding gear, helmet, clothing etc. This means that the Royal Enfield Himalayan motorcycle will also have an exclusive range of riding gear and clothing line similar to the Continental GT Burn-Up.

Specifications & Features

  • Mileage:              23 Km/hr
  • Engine:                400 cc
  • Max. Power:       25 Bph
  • Max. Torque:     40 Nm
  • Gears:                  5
  • Cylinders:           1
  • Cooling:               Air Cooled
  • Clutch:                Multi-plate Wet
  • Ignition:             Digital Electronic Ignition
  • Suspension:       Telescopic Forks
  • Price:                  2.5 Lakhs
  • Launch Date:     2016


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Updated: August 23, 2015 — 12:39 pm

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