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Windows 10 Vs Windows 8.1 Theme Settings Features Ratings

Windows 10 Vs Windows 8.1 Theme Settings Features Ratings :One of the top Multi-National Company Microsoft have designed the latest version of Windows after Windows 8.1, and gave it the name Windows 10 which will have completely different sort of features as its former version had. Microsoft is only company which used to display the first look of their product after testing completely, and this is the only reason behind their success. Windows 8.1 was going well enough to satisfy the need of the user, but Microsoft wants something else. They only learnt to fly and fly high and they yesterday, launched their Windows 10 in the market, which is designed with additional 5 features which was missing in Windows 8.1. Within the day of its inauguration, more than 67 billions people have already started working on this design and continuously getting some excellent ratings from the crowd. As estimated, this project gonna deliver the total amount of 100,000 billions to Microsoft.



Additional Features 3 GB Data Required To Update Windows 10

Windows 10 is made with various distinct features, which doesn’t exist before. You will be amused, after listening each of them. 3 GB data will be required to update to this latest one and it will take hardly 2 hours. Its special features is listed below :-

Smart Screen Feature

Its screen has a sensor, provided with sensing feature like “Continuum”, which tends to bring the layout by itself, according to which function you want to deal with. It is a 2 in 1 tablet PC, meant you can turn from Computer to Tablet and vice-versa.

Snappier Windows

The “Snap” feature, which fits one viewing window alongside another for easy multitasking, traces its lineage all the way back to Windows 7.

Latest Web Browser

Windows 10 has a new web browser built-in, Microsoft Edge, which is really quick as analyzed by us, finally a browser has arrived which can prove a competition to the top growing Google Chrome. Moreover this browser has various inking tools, the purpose is to highlight some important text.

New Search Bar

The search bar is embedded at the corner, and by clicking over it, it pops up up to certain height, providing some other feature so as to make the search process easy.

Digital Assistance

Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant, can even complete task on the voice notes sent to it. Although, this features has even aloted to other browser, but is’s quite significant. It takes hardly some micro seconds to understand the command. Thus helps you to save some crucial time.


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Updated: July 30, 2015 — 1:53 pm

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