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Xiaomi Makes a Global Announcement To Launch MIUI 7

Xiaomi Makes a Global Announcement To Launch MIUI 7 : China’s popular ongoing company, Xiaomi, has announced its latest smart-phone named Xiaomi MIUI 7, which makes its debut yesterday, over the globe. This company has somehow set a pride for China. China joined this business a long time ago but since then they were struggling in almost every country except the host because of their duplicate tools or less trusty products. But after the introduction of Xiamo, they have managed to gain some respect. People are loving this company from their hearts as this organisation is making good quality products  with awesome specifications and all this in a low budget price.MIUI is an optimised user interface that allows for extensive customization. The company has refined MIUI over the past year to create MIUI 7, which has a colorful interface with better performance, battery-saving optimizations and wider variety of personalization options, the company said.



Xiaomi Miui 7 Vs Miui 6 Specifications Features Launch Date Price Theme

This latest design would believe to have some features which could only be seen in i-Phone before. From the investigation done by our experts, they conclude that, in total 150 million users have brought Xiaomi smart-phones to their homes. This latest design would have even better features, its going to be fastest among its former versions. And the difference would be felt when you operate this handset. This awesome gadget will be arrived soon and its specifications will be known by 24th august, and its going to be available on Flipkart, Amazon and even Snapdeal. The expected price to buy one could be Rs.19,999 and its going to be launch with four stunning themes-Rose, Pink Blush, Ocean Breeze, and High Life.


1. Operators can now play games, listen music by locking the screen.

2. MIUI 7 will empower the Mi Band to switch the phone into DND mode when it detects the person wearing the Mi         Band is asleep.

3. With Showtime, users can now record a short video loop on phone. So, when someone calls you, instead of viewing        an image of the caller, you will see a short video of that caller.

4. On the SMS front, MIUI 7 has a new feature which detects OTPs and directly displays a ‘Copy’ option.


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Updated: August 20, 2015 — 1:52 pm

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